Kiddy Impact Shield Protection

The Original Kiddy Impact Shield offers superb protection for a child in the event of a car crash.

The risks of serious injuries to the cervical spine are significantly reduced in a head on impact, thanks to our unique impact shield technology.

In the event of a frontal collision tests show that with conventional 5 point harness systems the child's trunk and shoulders are kept back in the seat. An impact creates large forces which are transmitted through the child's body into the region around the neck and head which can cause excessive loads on the child's spinal column and brain movement.

Tests on impact shield technology have shown that because the child’s shoulders can move forward more naturally in the event of an impact (therefore eliminating the whipping effect), which means that head acceleration is considerably reduced and the forces on the neck are significantly decreased by up to 50%. The child’s upper body now follows a more natural movement, and therefore forces are more evenly distributed within the child’s body. The energy created is transferred into the shield and spread over a larger surface area, into our special shock absorbing gels, which are hidden inside.

Our impact shield technology is the reason why Kiddy car seats continually come out top in tests by top European independent consumer testing laboratories.

Kiddy Shock Absorber

In Groups 2 / 3 car seats (15-36 kg age 4-12 years approx.) children are held securely in place using the adult lap and diagonal car seat belt.

Our Kiddy experts have found a way to protect a child from the huge forces which are transferred from these adult seat belts onto the child at the point of impact. They have created the Kiddy Shock Absorber (KSA) which is integrated into the seat and protects the child’s pelvis area. These unique built in shock absorbers transfers the energy away from the child and into the product, like a 'crumple zone'.

This patented design technology is exclusive to Kiddy and ensures that all young passengers are kept extra safe in their seats!

Honey Comb V2 Performance materials

We like to incorporate the best materials into our car seats to keep your child as safe as possible. The hi-tech Honey Comb V2 materials use the stable honeycomb design to reduce the force of an impact so that it dissipates slowly and steadily around the child. This offers the best protection for a child in the event of a side impact. We therefore target the Honey Comb V2 to protect the delicate head and shoulders areas of a child, and to give them protection where they need it most.