Premature inlay

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Premature inlay

Age: From birth
Height: Up to 50cm
Weight: 0 - 13 kg

Kiddy is firmly committed to giving children a good start in life, and to supporting parents with products for everyday use. Our designers and developers have worked hard, to ensure that even very small or premature babies feel safe and secure, especially in unfamiliar environments.

Protection begins at a young age. This is particularly important if the child's start in life hasn't been as smooth as anticipated.

According to a study by the World Health Organisation, every tenth baby is born prematurely. In 2012, in the United Kingdom, around 60,000 children were born before the 37th week of pregnancy; a rise of 8% compared to 2011.

The Kiddy Premature-Inlay reduces the space in an infant carrier such as the Kiddy Evolution Pro 2, Kiddy Evoluna i-Size or the Kiddy Evo-lunafix. Thus a premature baby is securely supported and cannot slip out.

In addition, the 'preemie' car seat inlay is also recommended for newborn babies under 50 cm in length. It can be adjusted as the baby grows, using a movable headrest and an adjustable, detachable buckle cover.

The Premature-Inlay can be used with almost every infant carrier, thanks to its universal fitting, thus offering security and warmth for very small babies.

* Product colours may vary slightly from the images shown.