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Group 1,2,3 - Age: 9 months - 12 years Weight: 9-36 kg

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All our Kiddy experience, expertise and technology has gone into producing an outstanding Group 1/2/3 car seat which has performed extremely highly in tests done by independent testing houses such as ADAC, TCS, Which? and ÖAMTC. This makes the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 the best Group 1/2/3 car seat for all round protection for your child, from 9kgs to 36kgs (approx 12 months old to 12 years old) with far superior safety protection than typical 5 point harnessed car seats and Extended Rear Facing (ERF) seats.

The Guardian Pro 2 grows with your child in height and width, to ensure the perfect fit, for the best protection, as they grow from toddler to pre-teen. This child car seat is designed to ensure everything is easy for you, and comfortable for the child. 

The Kiddy Original Impact Shield is designed to protect the upper part of a child's body from severe injury in the event of an impact. High tech materials have been used to give optimum side impact protection to the head and shoulder area. 

The Guardian Pro 2 seat has a patented built in Kiddy Shock Absorber, which has been constructed using car 'crumple zone' technology. This unique shock absorber effectively absorbs the forces created in an impact, thus deflecting them away from the child, and reducing the risk of pelvic injury.

There is no seat that is quicker or easier to fit for any child over 9kg, because there is no fiddly harness to adjust. Simply decide whether the child's weight requires the protection shield or not; adjust the back height with one hand; and route the seat belt into position; then off you go! A great light weight seat for anyone who needs a quick swap between children or cars.

Safety features

Original Kiddy Impact Shield

The Original Kiddy Impact Shield allows for "rolling over" of the upper part of the body in the event of a front-end collision, or severe braking manoeuvres. Thus, the loads on the cervical spine are significantly reduced in comparison to 5 point harness systems.

Kiddy Shock Absorber

In Group 2/3, children are secured using the adult sized 3-point seat belt. Our unique safety component, the Kiddy Shock Absorber, absorbs the braking energy acting on the seat belt. The shock absorbing material is integrated into the textile cover for better energy absorption.

Optimized geometric design of the lateral areas

The Guardianfix Pro 2 side impact protection components are designed to give optimum protection for the child in the event of a side collision. However the side impact protection wings do not impede the child's view.

High-tech material

The head and shoulder area of children is especially vulnerable, since the head is still relatively heavy compared to the rest of the body. The use of high-performance material called 'Honey Comb V2' in this area, makes this delicate zone particularly well protected.

Perfect fit

The Guardianfix Pro 2 adapts to your child's growing body in width, as well as in height. This means that the seat can be tightly fitted to the child to offer them even better protection. The seat can be adjusted precisely to provide a safe seat for each stage of your child's growth.

Use in aircraft

In the opinion of experts, the simple airplane lap belt may already be a safety risk to small children in the event of turbulence or an emergency landing. This child safety car seat has been approved by TÜV Rheinland.

Comfort features

One-hand height and width adjustment

We want to make your life as easy as possible! The unique one handed adjustment mechanism of the Guardian Pro 2, expands the seat, both in height and width simultaneously, by a simple squeeze of the handle on the back of the seat.

Integrated diagonal seatbelt guide

Our new lever technology for the seatbelt guide makes fastening and unfastening of the seat belt even easier and safer.

Foldable and removable insert cushion

The removable insert cushion gives the child good support and positions them correctly in the seat. Your child always will be totally comfortable and enjoy the ride, whether you travel hundreds of miles to go on holiday, or just a few yards to the shop around the corner.

Breathable Thermotex fabric

Nothing is more unpleasant than sitting in a car in sticky, sweaty clothes on a hot summer day! To counteract this, Kiddy seats have breathable Thermotex fabric in specific areas. This material increases air circulation, ensuring a comfortable seating environment.

3-stage leg extension

The Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 is characterised by its long lifespan from 9 months until your child is 12 years old. The three-stage leg extension ensures that the child sits safely and comfortably, with the back and legs well supported, no matter how tall they grow!

Snooze position

The most comfortable position! It only takes a few seconds to put the broad comfortable seat into the snooze position (when used in conjunction with the impact shield). The comfortable headrest can easily be adjusted too. The child sleeps whilst well protected in their car seat.

Durable cover

The Guardian Pro 2 comes in a wide range of colours. The seat covers can be removed and machine washed at 30°C (gentle cycle).

Dimensions & weight

Minimum: H 65 x W 46 x D 40cm
Maximum: H 81 x W 60 x D 52cm

Weight: approx 7.5 kg


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  • Kiddy car seats will fit in all green seats shown on the diagram.

  • If using Seat 1 - remember to turn off the air-bag

  • Our seats fit most cars. If your car is not listed, please visit a local Kiddy retailer for free fitting and advice.

  • Kiddy recommend that you have a product demo or free car fitting by one of our trained retailers



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